Tony is Gone …. or is he?

Rev. Tony Guck died on December 29, 2017, at 4 pm surrounded by his family, his dog, and in the arms of his loving wife, Sarah. His suffering is now history. His loving kindness and compassion continues to radiate within the Zendo. I will miss my Dharma brother and our morning sits together throughout the years. His patients will miss his healing hands and compassionate heart. In all of my discussions and practice with him throughout the years, I never experienced an unkind word or challenging remark. He was soft and gentle with a quick wit and sharp intellect. We often exchanged medical ideas for certain ailments to include helpful pharmaceuticals and natural remedies.
No, Tony has not passed and is not gone. He still has a ways to travel along the Bardo and on the 49th day, we will celebrate with him in his place along with other beings taking refuge in the Buddha’s merit while nestling in the heart of the Christ. I love you Tony, my brother, keep in touch!

Oryu Paul Stuetzer

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